Issey Miyake

L'Eau d'Issey by Kevin Lucbert

Eau de Toilette Summer Edition

A summer getaway


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Inspired by their memories of summer, three perfumers invite us on a trip through a new take on l’Eau d’Issey, in a Limited Edition.

This Summer, let L'Eau d'Issey take you on a journey through the Mediterranean memories of the 3 perfumers who cocreated this limited edition. Perfumer Marie Salamagne started the creation in the Greek Cyclades Islands where the sand is hot and the sea was crystal-clear and glistening. Then we head to Sicily with Daphné Bugey, to the heart of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento where the cool wind blows through the orange, bergamot and lemon trees, nestled amid the solemn temple ruins. The journey ends with Dora Baghriche who takes us to Panarea, a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a volcanic land that plunges into the vibrant blue water. These three olfactory memories produce an ultra-sunny, floral Eau d’Issey. A luminous floral fragrance, both sparkling and elegant, with a unique petal-like fluidity. To illustrate these fragranced emotions, Kevin Lucbert, a young French artist, came up with brand new typography for L’Eau d’Issey drawn onto an imaginary map symbolizing these fragranced stopovers. Using his favorite tool, a ballpoint pen, he proposes a subtle, colorful design, a mix of shimmering plants and a sketch of a desert island.

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Item No. 3423222010546
A fragrance to embark on an olfactory journey from the Cyclades to Panarea, passing by Sicily.

Did you know?

Issey Miyake draws his inspiration from nature. His unconditional respect for what is essential fuels his desire to create and inspire. It also fosters his sense of responsibility: taking better care of the materials he works with and committing to an inspirational and transformative design. This is how Issey Miyake Parfums is making a positive change possible by minimizing the environmental impact during product design.

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L'Eau d'Issey by Kevin Lucbert
Eau de Toilette Summer Edition
A summer getaway
Available in 100ml