To inspire and generate emotions: this is the purpose behind each fragrance Issey Miyake shares with the world.

Issey Miyake Parfums draws inspiration from nature, shaping a universel, sensorial and innovative creation process.

We are inspired by what is simple, essential. It ignites creativity, fosters imagination.
We believe in the outstanding power of sensory design to reconnect us all with what truly matters.
We are committed to useful and transformative design that reshapes the way we see the world.
We believe in the power of reinventing what is desirable for a simpler luxury, cutting loose of the unnecessary.


1. Design our products and promotion tools favoring eco-conceived components with reduced environmental impact.

More specifically:

  • by innovating, for instance with L'Eau d'Issey Pivoine and L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vetiver 100% wooden caps, a patented innovation made by using a single block of wood, removing the need for plastic.
  • by reducing the use of plastic or even removing it when possible : Issey Miyake giftsets are plastic free, made with 100% cardboard, just like temporary point-of-sale promotion tools since 2021.
  • by including recycled materials: up to 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass in some of our bottles, as well as an important part of recycled cotton for the pouches gifted with purchase (65% for pouches gifted in 2023).

2. Innovate to improve our products functionnality and end-of-life, favoring recycling or reuse

  • by creating more functional products allowing multiple usages without multiplying usage of materials : our IGO product is an example of L'Eau d'Issey functional, light and small format that can travel easily, without creating a brand-new packaging and consequently reducing the usage of materials.
  • by offering the possibility to refill some bottles, for instance the iconic L'Eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum which bottle is unscrewable and refillable.
3. Create formulas as tribute to nature
  • by increasing the use of natural ingredients in our fragrances with a 100% natural origin alcohol (from French beetroot) and natural origin raw material in fragrance oil. Our fragrances can reach up to 93% natural origin ingredients, as for example L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vétiver.
  • by offering only vegan-certified formulas for every new fragrance created since 2021.
  • by using some responsibly grown and harvested ingredients or extracted with a reduced environmental impact. For instance the ethically-sourced vetyver from Haïti used in L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vétiver, or the upcycled jasmine used in a drop d'Issey Eau de Parfum Essentielle.
4. Implement a more responsible sourcing for the raw materials with certified suppliers
  • by using exclusively for our outerpacks and giftsets cardboard made of material from well-managed FSCTM certified forests and other controlled sources.
  • by conducting supplier assessment from the perspective of sustainability using either EcoVadis, Sedex or Shiseido Self-Assessment Questionnaire. We only start business with suppliers after conducting supplier assessments and certifications, confirming they are non high-risk.
5. Garantee a well-reasoned production to limit our environmental impact in our French production sites
  • by reducing our factories carbon footprint: between 2014 and 2022, -41% in Ormes and -32% in Gien.
  • by reducing our factories energy consumption (electricity, gas, water): for instance between 2014 and 2022, Gien factory reduced its water consumption by -62% and Ormes factory by -25% (L/kg of produced juice). Photovoltaic panels were implemented since 2021 at Gien factory.
  • by ensuring a responsible waste processing through landfull cessation since 2014 in both factories, favoring recycling or upcycling.
  • by certifying ISO 14001 our production factories, a norm setting guidelines on environmental management systems, since 2000 in Gien and 2001 in Ormes.