Cush Cush

Cush Cush: the word Cushion is shortened then doubled in a game of hide-and-seek. The new format is a playful reinterpretation of the iconic cushion in a fragrance version.
Issey Miyake’s feminine fragrances are reinventing themselves through three small, pocket-size tubes, in three colors: silver for L’Eau d’Issey, coppery rose for Nectar and pink for L’Eau d’Issey Rose&Rose.

When? Anytime.
Why? To never leave your fragrance behind.
How? Just Cush Cush and Go!

To introduce the new products, a playful & colorful digital campaign was created using the lively colors of nature. This month, we met the artists Pascal Vilcollet and Eloise Jenkins who shared their vision and interpretation of color.


Pascal Vilcollet is a French artist. He creates pieces through an intuitive approach which combines painting and sculpture. After numerous international exhibitions, he is now working on “territories” in his Paris studio. His approach is influenced by the workspace, where he creates a visual language with symbols and colors, often in large sizes and shapes, through a variety of media (oils, acrylics, spray paint, etc.). In the end, the sculpture appears to be a three-dimensional representation of the genesis of the painting on its surface. We asked him a few questions about his pieces and his connection to color.

– If you had to define your artistic identity in 3 words, what would they be?
Territory, Instant, Experience

– Color is omnipresent in your work; how important is it to you?
Color is very important. I think about the color of a work before I start drawing. I express myself through color rather than figuration or narration.

– If you were a color, which would you be and why?
It’s hard to choose! I’d rather be two colors in harmony. Ochre and sienna.
Naples yellow and bordeaux. But yellow is especially present in my work.

– Can you tell us more about your “Spheres” series?
I create volume through color and the composition of areas of solid color. Every sculpture tells a story, because even if the elements look similar, the arrangement is different every time. Sometimes I feel like I’m a researcher in a laboratory, trying out formulas with shapes and colors. For me, “Spheres” represents a story with no beginning and no end, an eternal renewal.

– Your work seems to adapt well to different media; is that due to a desire to create “nomadic works”?
I want to move beyond the conventional exhibition space without working in the street. I prefer to exhibit my work in unusual spaces which originally fulfilled a different function, which had a previous life, a history. These constraints inspire me and allow me to think in different ways.


Eloise Jenkins is a photographer and graphic designer from Australia. She is very interested in the combination between nature, light & shadows and graphical elements. She created her own interpretation of the nomadic formats Cush Cush.

– What have been your inspirations for this creation?
I really wanted the colors of the perfume to shine through so I tried to fixate on a complimentary color palette involving stone textures. The perfume speaks for itself so it’s important to let that show through the imagery.

– Light is very important in your work, what is the role of it in your creations?
I love shooting in sunlight. I often have to wait for the sun to shine and delay work on rainy days but for me there is nothing better than the harsh contrast between shadows and the sun.

– As our Cush Cush formats, you are working a lot on nude and metallic tones, where does it come from?
I think it’s taking inspiration from the everyday earth and colors/textures that involve it. Going for a walk on the beach I see sandstone nudes and really take that as inspiration.

– Nature and water are key elements to Issey Miyake’s approach, how do you include them in your content?
I think for me it’s about the fact that nature/water is a part of your everyday life. I gravitate towards water because I just think it’s a beautiful thing that we should cherish every day. The same goes for fruit and flowers, not to mention they are props that I always have on hand.

Eloise Jenkins

Eloise Jenkins is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and photographer from Australia. Having completed a bachelor in visual communication she now runs her business Apricate Studio supplying branding, packaging and photography to brands all over the world.


“Fusion d’Issey’s characteristics are full of power and contrast—water and fire, subtle and bold, hot and cold, represented by the watery blue and the hot lava orange.”– Artistic interpretation by @thismintymoment
#isseymiyakeparfums #fusiondissey #bornfromfusion #movedbynature #fragrance

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“Fusion d’Issey, a fragrance that brings to life elements of architecture and nature.” – Artistic interpretation by @thismintymoment
#isseymiyakeparfums #fusiondissey #bornfromfusion #movedbynature #fragrance

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The IGO bottle: bring the light cap everywhere you go!
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudisseypourhomme #movedbynature #fragrance

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L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: the nomadic duo to bring your favorite fragrances everywhere you go!
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudissey #leaudisseypourhomme #movedbynature #fragrance

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The innovative IGO bottle: the bottle sprays, the cap as well!
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudissey #movedbynature #fragrance

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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: easy to use at home, practical to bring everywhere you go.
Artistic interpretation by @bankpyt
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudisseypourhomme #gowithIGO #movedbynature #fragrance

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On the go? Bring the nomadic IGO cap everywhere with you!
Artistic interpretation by @wonderingpango
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudissey #gowithIGO #movedbynature #fragrance

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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: leave the bottle at home, take the cap with you!
Artistic interpretation @abchuthai
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudisseypourhomme #gowithIGO #movedbynature #fragrance

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