Each person experiences a singular relationship with its fragrance. 

The fragrance becomes part of oneself and may be linked to emotions and sensations like an alter ego. It may even reveal another aspect of oneself, keen to embark on unique adventures. Speaking about unique adventures, the iconic fragrances L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau dIssey pour Homme take us on a new olfactive journey with their new nomadic format : IGO. With its innovative format, the bottle stays and the cap is ready to go, one is always keen for a getaway, whether it is at home or far away. Issey Miyake Parfums has the pleasure of inviting a couple of Parisian influencers (@jaimetoutcheztoi) to express their bond with their fragrance, their Alter IGO.

IGO & a nomadic universe


“I fell in love with the design of the new IGO bottle. It looks like a sculpture, minimal and poetic.”

The frosted color of the fragrance and the modern IGO format of L’Eau d’Issey is an invitation to discover both familiar and unknown horizons. With its floral and fresh notes, and a touch of white flowers, the fragrance evokes a certain intimacy. It reflects one’s personality when it touches one’s skin. Alice (@jaimetoutcheztoi), likes to showcase her IGO bottle in her bedroom, on the shelf, among her favorite tiny sculptures and books, while the innovative and nomadic IGO cap is placed in her handbag on a daily basis. 

At every moment, IGO stays close to your hand, wherever you may be.


IGO & its carry-on format


“I’m captivated by the geometric squared look of IGO. The cap is practical, and suitable for travels.”

The fragrance L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme in its IGO format is part of the essentials in one’s daily life. For the influencer JS, the perfect spot for his IGO bottle is right next to his daily skincare routine, and the cap in his carry-on luggage. The perfume matches his nomadic personality, and represents another part of himself. The freshness added to the spicy woody scent of the fragrance embodies his quest of movement and freedom.


Alter IGO & complementarity – For both

“Our Alter IGO is about balance and complementarity, the additional touch that gives us confidence to start the day.”


What matters to Alice and JS when they chose a fragrance is finding an alter ego that completes themselves. The scent that they pick is meant to enhance their personality. Just like mirrors, the fragrance reflects numerous scents, similar to the different aspects of one’s personality. What you see on the surface might hide multiple reflections.

Their Alter IGO, with its two in one format is about duality – it is about the blend of the fragrance with their own character, their fashion looks, their original works and their bold attitudes. A reflection of their own.



As wayfarers, Alice & JS form a couple of influencers (@jaimetoutcheztoi) who embody a singular and visionary universe. They work together mainly in fashion and they have a common passion for travel. Starting from Los Angeles to their Parisian home, the couple reveals their Alter IGO through their nomadic personality.


“Fusion d’Issey’s characteristics are full of power and contrast—water and fire, subtle and bold, hot and cold, represented by the watery blue and the hot lava orange.”– Artistic interpretation by @thismintymoment
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“Fusion d’Issey, a fragrance that brings to life elements of architecture and nature.” – Artistic interpretation by @thismintymoment
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The IGO bottle: bring the light cap everywhere you go!
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L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: the nomadic duo to bring your favorite fragrances everywhere you go!
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The innovative IGO bottle: the bottle sprays, the cap as well!
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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: easy to use at home, practical to bring everywhere you go.
Artistic interpretation by @bankpyt
#isseymiyakeparfums #leaudisseypourhomme #gowithIGO #movedbynature #fragrance

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On the go? Bring the nomadic IGO cap everywhere with you!
Artistic interpretation by @wonderingpango
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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: leave the bottle at home, take the cap with you!
Artistic interpretation @abchuthai
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