Discover the new blooming opus Nectar d’Issey Première Fleur. The fragrance has been inspired by the concept of nyctinasty: the movement of plants in response to the passage of the day. When night falls, flowers close their petals to protect their most precious elements: their nectar, their pollen, and their pistils, which are sheltered and shielded from the cold and damp nighttime. At the start of a new day, the heart of the flower is unveiled in an abundance of light and scent; the nectar releases its perfume.

The copper rose tinted bottle is designed with a representation of flower petals in movement and offers a delicate fragrance. A freshness appears in the top notes, with Asian pear and an accord of aqueous fruits. As an ode to florality, the middle notes magnify the freshness of the peony accord and the opulence of the jasmine. The soft, round base notes combine smooth, milky sandalwood with the cottony sweetness of white musk.

It’s flower hour with Nectar d’Issey Première Fleur!


Alain Vidal has been an independent florist in France for 40 years. He has been managing the Maison Champ Libre for more than 20 years and works with a passionate seven-person team. They primarily use wildflowers and garden flowers from regional producers. His store is located near Bastille (in the11th arrondissement of Paris) where they have won the loyalty of their many clients, who range from individuals to big names in the Fashion industry.
We asked him a few questions about his work and his passions.

– How peonies and jasmine are used in floral design?
The peony season runs from March to July. Originally from Europe and Far East, peonies can be herbaceous or bushy which offers a lot of style possibilities in terms of floral art. Soft, feminine and perfumed, the peony is one of the rare flowers which meets with unanimous approval from clients.
Jasmine is a flower from India and China. Sometimes used to flavor tea, it is also referred to as one of the “fleurs reines” or queen flowers of perfumery. It is considered a symbol of beauty and femininity. In floral art, thanks to its long stem, whose length evokes train tracks stretching into the distance, the flower brings movement and lightness to compositions.

– Do flowers open at a particular time of day?
Each flower evolves and opens in a different way just as each human being blossoms in their individual way. For instance, roses and peonies don’t have the same number of petals, their movements are different, and each bud will open at a different moment.

– How would you define nyctinasty?
It is the movements of plants which are provoked by the change from day to night and vice versa. This phenomenon where flowers and leaves close and open happens in the environments where there are temperature and humidity variations. When night falls, the temperature and the level of humidity change and some plants close their leaves and flowers to protect themselves from unfavorable weather.


The photographer Teresa Freitas offers a very poetic vision of nature, playing with graphic shapes, natural elements, and colors. She created her own interpretation of Nectar d’Issey Première Fleur and sat down with us to tell us more about her inspirations.

– What was your main inspiration for this creation?
I wanted to portray the passing of time to echo the phenomenon of nyctinasty which was the origin of the fragrance and its dynamic effect on nature—in this case, on flowers. I wanted to represent the idea of the Première fleur and how, throughout the day (and night), time means movement and change: beginnings and endings. Some of these ephemeral moments deserve to be remembered—a possibility that exists in photography, which allows us to capture time so that an instant—the blooming of a flower—is crystallized for eternity.

– How did you introduce the movement of flowers into your creation?
By combining a set of photographs/frames and presenting them one after the other, to make the dynamic passage of time implicit. The blooming of peonies prioritizes both the narrative and aesthetics, communicating a moving story through different visual approaches.

– Flowers are omnipresent in your work, what interests you the most about flowers and why?
I’m always in awe of nature and the things that are created by it, namely flowers. Why are flowers so beautiful? Their colors, shapes, and smells show off their availability to pollinators, but there’s also a sense of pure and immediate visual pleasure for humans that I deeply appreciate. It’s an objective beauty that I don’t think anyone in their right mind would argue with. The scientific story behind them, their evolutionary biology, is also fascinating; and there’s always something to be learned from them. Flowers are both beautiful and interesting which makes them an excellent subject for photography.

Teresa Freitas

Teresa Freitas is a 29-year-old photographer, who lives in a village by the sea in Lisbon, Portugal. She studied Multimedia Art and Design in college and was all set to be a designer but ended up picking up a camera and developing a new passion that truly spoke to her.


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The IGO bottle: bring the light cap everywhere you go!
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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO: easy to use at home, practical to bring everywhere you go.
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Beauty of the essential: the minimalistic and poetic L’Eau d’Issey bottle.
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