Issey Miyake Parfums invited the globe trotter QMike to experience the new innovative format of L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme and take his nomadic new travel companion on a journey to various destinations: from Calpe to Miami.

IGO is a nomadic, innovative and playful product: a never-seen before project in perfumery. The concept is simple: with one fragrance, you get two bottles. The IGO cap is light, unbreakable and ready to travel. This 20ml mini-format is easy to carry around in a bag to bring your favorite fragrance everywhere you go.

The bottle stays, you can leave it at home and return to it when you are back..

IGO is the best companion that has followed QMike everywhere he went.

A long term relationship with the brand

“I always enjoy working with the brand because it aligns a lot with my style and vision. I like the idea of simplicity blended with elegance that Issey Miyake Parfums has created in its brand image. I have always been a fan of the fragrances. I was excited about the new IGO concept and I had the chance to bring the product with me during my journey. My best work usually come from the places I visit. I get inspired when I travel, and I want to highlight as much as possible all the best parts about my trips.”

His experience with Issey Miyake Parfums

“I travelled with IGO in Bucharest, then I went to Milan, Miami and Calpe.

Bucharest and Milan have to be my most frequently visited places and it’s always a pleasure to be back. I have always wanted to visit the States and the opportunity finally arrived! I had the chance to go to a vibrant and warm city like Miami and had a blast being a tourist! As for Calpe, I can now tick it off my bucket list! I am such an admirer of Ricardo Bofill’s work and being in Calpe was very refreshing, coming from a cloudy city, to a city with such colour and liveliness. This place has a very specific architecture with graphic and pure lines that really fits with Issey Miyake. Therefore I have decided to shoot some content with IGO there as it was a real inspiration.”

IGO, the new innovative and nomadic format for Les Eaux d’Issey

“I’m very grateful to have the ability to work from various different places, my job can be done anywhere! I usually go from one destination to another in a very short period of time, so I pack a lot! Whether it’s clothes, camera gear or toiletries, I always need small format items, so IGO came in very handy on every occasion I had to travel.

Since its launch, IGO came with me everywhere I went, no matter how long that trip was. The concept is amazing! From my own experience, I found it extremely convenient to have both my regular perfume and my travel size one, all in one and can be taken separately!”

His olfactive souvenirs with L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme

“I went on a city break in Calpe with my best friend, Fuxi, and we stayed in one of Ricardo Bofill’s buildings, Muralla Roja. After several days of rain in London, a sunny holiday was very much needed!  I am an admirer of Ricardo Bofill’s work, with such a balance of the striking colours that cover the outer and inner facades and the breath taking Mediterranean coast. Just like the destination itself, L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme brings out a vibrant and invigorating mood, taking me back to Summer days.”

His anecdotes on the experience

“Each location was so refreshing, we had a great time shooting and creating new concepts. We just went with the flow and let ourselves get lost around the town and explore some more! I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, music and getting away from the hustle for the weekend and recharging my batteries was definitely a must!

Finally, I was happy that Issey Miyake Parfums gave me a “carte blanche” to create artworks on IGO. I was already a fan of L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme and feels that the format is even better for my way of living: always on the move.”


Creative Director, Photographer and Digital Consultant, QMike was born in Vietnam, raised in Romania and is now London-based. His creative passion lies in the idea of capturing a moment in time and transforming it into something magical.


Discover the new fragrance Fusion d'Issey through the eyes of @raulcabrera.
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Fusion d’Issey plays with contrasts between a vibrant freshness & a volcanic intensity #fusiondissey #bornfromfusion #isseymiyakeparfums #movedbynature #fragrance #travel ...

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When the explosive freshness of a lemon meets the intensity of volcanic woods: Fusion d’Issey.
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The new fragrance Fusion d’Issey overflows with energy and vitality.
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Fusion d’Issey reveals a multifaceted cap sculpted like black obsidian.
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Fusion d’Issey: a deep blue-green bottle.
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Fusion d’Issey: a contrasted & elegant bottle.
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Born at the heart of the elements: Fusion d’Issey.
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