A spirit of freedom and movement pervades over the summer vacation. Everyone is eager for that long-awaited moment, and one cannot do without a perfumed breeze. Along with your summer outfits, and beauty routine, summer scents will bring that special mood-lifting element.

It is time to create memories, and meet the photographer and creative director Yana Sheptovetskaya, who carried along our nomadic fragrances in her luggage. For her, it is an inspiring time of the year, where each single instant, sound and smell leaves a trace. So, let’s discover how our nomadic fragrances will be associated to your trip, and transport to those carefree moments by the beach, in the forest, exploring a city. Choose your practical and playful scent to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


With IGO, you have the ideal take-along format that fits within your luggage for all your travels, that will become a pure and fresh essential of your routine. The innovative format allows you to carry the IGO cap away, for a quick spray at any moment of the day during your trip.

Yana has brought it with her in idyllic summer locations – one fragrance in two bottles, the IGO cap to use on the go, and the ISTAY bottle that is elegant and can be left at home, in your favorite spot. The nomadic format IGO changes your perspective on your way of travelling with your perfume, as you enjoy the surroundings during your Summer escape. The sublime freshness of petals and aquatic notes of L’Eau d’Issey will remain with you during your Odyssey, like a Summer memory, never to be forgotten.

“ The classic L’eau d’Issey is the scent of my childhood, it reminds me of summer times when we travelled to Sweden and my mom would always buy it. I love that now you can only take the IGO format with you on travel. ”


Issey Miyake has also created a modern pocket-sized tube, with Cush Cush that is available in three fragrances. Choose your color, and your perfume, or bring them all!

The small tube can easily fit in any bag, and the cushion foam applicator delivers a touch of fragrance on your skin. A fun way to apply your fragrance, that leaves a gentle satin finish. Which one would you choose? L’Eau d’Issey in its Cush Cush format will bring the freshness of white flowers. While, Nectar leaves a trail of dewy sweetness.

For Yana, it symbolizes an early morning breakfast in the South of France, birds chirping, and the only task of the day is to enjoy a book. Or maybe you would opt for Rose & Rose with its floral and fruity fragrance, that invites one to a dreamy place.

So, let’s travel with the nomadic fragrances by Issey Miyake, always bathed by a wave of scents.

“ The cushion and creamy application of Cush Cush is an interesting
experience – you can apply
the perfume very selectively and
precisely. It stays right at this spot
for a while, and you can always bring
your wrist to your nose and enjoy
the little ‘trip’ again and again. ”


Yana Sheptovetskaya is a photographer and creative director based in Los Angeles. She started her career as a fashion editor at AnOther Magazine and Vogue and is known as the creator of the Instagram account @gelcream. She decided to become a photographer a little over a year ago, starting with just an iPhone and a few mobile apps. Now, she is represented by the Art Department and works with major brands and magazines on creative content that focuses on hands, textures and objects.


Feel surprised by nature with a drop d’Issey. Inspired by water in its most essential form, the unique bottle design mimics the shape of a water drop providing a sense of discovery in sight and smell.
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Open your mind to new perspectives with a drop d’Issey. Discover the poetry and unsuspected beauty of nature.
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Feel surprised by nature with a drop d’Issey. Inspired by water in its most essential form, the unique bottle design mimics the shape of a water drop providing a sense of discovery in sight and smell.
#isseymiyakeparfums #adropdissey #surprisedbynature #movedbynature #fragrance

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Elegant, deep woods and spices: celebrate the arrival of the fall season with the warm notes of L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Wood&Wood.
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This autumn, nature keeps on surprising. Feel on your skin the velvety smoothness of a rose petal with Rose&Rose by issey Miyake.
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This season, wrap yourself in the warm scent of woods with L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Wood&Wood. Feel on your skin the double intensity of cedarwood and sandalwood offset by the fresh tang of a grapefruit note.
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Enjoy your favorite L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme and Fusion d’Issey in this unique two-in-one design.
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Double the fun with the two-in-one L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme IGO. One fragrance, two bottles to bring your dose of spicy freshness wherever you go.
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