L’Eau d’Issey Rose&Rose and L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Wood&Wood, two fragrances as an ode to natural ingredients. For her, the rose, uncontested queen of flowers. For him, wood, nature’s original signature. Through the lens of duality, the symbolism of the number two is revealed: complementarity, parallel, couple, binary.
Two perfumers: Dora Baghriche and Marie Salamagne.
Two fragrances.
Twice as many ingredients for an amplified intensity.
On the feminine side, two roses: Bulgarian and centifolia.
On the masculine side, two woody notes: cedarwood and sandalwood.

Let’s embrace nature in all her wonderful diversity!


Jérôme Videau’s cuisine can be described as a wonderful conversation with his guests, as well as with his team (his kitchen brigade is composed of 100 individuals from all around the world) and, finally, with Morocco itself, as he explores its traditions and showcases its flavours avidly. The Royal Mansour is one of the most beautiful palace of Marrakech, built as a traditional medina with ocher walls and floral gardens. The hotel offers a variety of 3 gastronomical restaurants handled by Jerôme Videau. He told us more about the link between scents and dishes/pastries and on the use of rose and wood in his cuisine.

– How did you become a chef?
I’ve always been attracted to this world. It happened naturally, I never thought about choosing this path. I was born to be in a kitchen. I think it’s important to do what we love the most.

– Can the scents be an inspiration to create?
Scents & perfumes are more than a source of inspiration, they are the result of our work. The most important part in creating a dish is its aroma & taste. The visual and beauty of the plate come after as it’s easier to work on the ingredients’ arrangement. The important thing is to follow our instinct and be always open to our environment.

– How do you use and work with roses in your cuisine?
Morocco is one of the world’s main producers of roses. In the small berber city of Kelâat M’Gouna, in the Dades valley, the very well-known Festival called “Moussem” closes the harvest of roses every year in May. Rose is mostly used in pastry for sorbet, to flavor our macarons, in crystallized petals, or in fruit tagine. Moreover, Rose water is used to refresh watermelon, strawberries, pomegranate fruits. On the other hand, dried roses are also used in the Moroccan spice mixture called “ras el anout”.

– Is wood an inspiration for your creation ?
The first wood used in Moroccan cuisine is the stick of cinnamon tree. During food tasting, some perfumes recall a wood essence, a bark, a foliage, a spice, a flower… like a walk in the undergrowth.

– Tell us more about the link between pastry and perfume?
Perfume and pastry go hand in hand, smell and taste are two senses which are intimately linked.
When food is prepared, cooked or eaten, it releases scented and tasteful molecules. Perfume is, for the pastry chef, a communication tool, source of pleasure and knowledge. Aromas have direct power over our emotions and cooking memories. The olfactory memory is the first memory!


Laura Egea is a photographer and content creator based in Barcelona. Passioned by the combination between design, architecture and nature, she offers a very poetic vision of L’Eau d’Issey Rose&Rose.

– Tell us more about your work
I ‘m very interested in design and architecture, especially the relationship between matter and space. I try to capture it in my work in an orderly, harmonious and creative way integrating natural elements.

– What was your main inspiration for this content creation?
My main inspiration has been the roses and their growth process. I have tried to play with the lights and shadows to evoke the intensity of their perfume.

– What does the Rose&Rose scent evoked you?
Issey Miyake’s Rose&Rose perfume reminds me of my parent’s house in the morning. In my house there have always been fresh flowers every week. I remember that feeling of waking up, coming to the living room and finding them, a joyful memory.

Laura Egea

Laura Egea is a Spanish creative from Barcelona. Her work combining both architecture and nature throughout photography and content creation.


An iconic fragrance that disrupts the architecture of classic men’s fragrance. #isseymiyakeparfums #leaudisseypourhomme #movedbynature ...

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Woody notes as a relay to the energy of the fresh notes: a powerful signature.
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L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme: citrusy notes combined with spicy accents.
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The scent of water reinvented with delicacy and poetry.
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Back to the origines of life: water, nature.
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L’Eau d’Issey: a bouquet of delicate white flowers.
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“Fusion d’Issey is full of power and contrast - water and fire, hot and cold.
Similarly, I wanted to juxtapose the refined and minimalist nature of the bottle against the graphic and bold characteristics of modern architecture.” @thismintymoment

#fusiondissey #bornfromfusion #isseymiyakeparfums #movedbynature #fragrance

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The photographer and art director @thismintymoment is very inspired by architecture, nature and design, themes that are echoes Issey Miyake Parfums.

#fusiondissey #bornfromfusion #isseymiyakeparfums #movedbynature #fragrance

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