A poetic journey or an Odyssey? Join us for an adventure with our perfumer Nathalie Lorson who shares her impressions about the fresh, aquatic and aromatic notes of Issey Miyake’s men’s fragrances. Let us dive in the heart of elements, while we discover the creative force of nature. Born from the fusion of elements and inspired by water, the fragrances invite us on a poetic journey. Through the perfumer’s inspirations to the creative and transformative power of nature, the earth never ceases to amaze us. Issey Miyake thus celebrates Ocean Day with a dive into an Odyssey.


Our perfumer Nathalie Lorson will share her impressions about some of the fragrances inspired by nature and water. Let us dive at the heart of elements, while we discover the creative aspect of nature.


A few words about yourself ?

I’m Nathalie Lorson, a Master Perfumer and have been creating fine fragrances for over 40 years for almost all of the major brands including Dolce & Gabbana and Issey Miyake.

Water is a source of inspiration for Issey Miyake. How is it relevant for the men’s fragrances?

Water is a symbol of natural freshness, raw nature and natural power, so it is an interesting note to use for men’s fragrances. It is reassuring for men because it offers both transparency and cleanliness, and its olfactive notes link well with the typically masculine fougère structure.

How does water inspire you?

I love the unique energy and power of water. I was inspired by the fusion of the four elements of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. I once visited Hawaii, Big Island, where the red lava falls into the water; this was my inspiration. I wanted to explore the fire under the ice, the combustion of water, the point where sun, rocks and water meet, the strength and the balance, the freshness that becomes incandescent.

How are Fusion dIssey fragrances both refreshing and aquatic?

For Fusion d’Issey, aromatic and vegetal notes added green freshness, while for Fusion d’Issey Extrême, mint and bergamot, ginger and cardamom added sparkling crispness. The watery, airy notes in Fusion represent freshness immediately. I reinforced this freshness with citrus and solar notes to truly enhance the luminous glow and bright energy.

How is there a tension between the notes in the fragrances?

The top notes are cold ones, that highlight fresh, chilling sensations of water and wind, for example, the lemon and green fig or the cardamom and ginger. They contrast with the heart notes that speak more to the burning heat, fire and earth: the earthy, volcanic ingredients or the woody, mineral solar accords. These two different tones clash together to create that tension found in these fragrances.

Why is L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme a classic perfume today?

L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme explicits the atmosphere of water, the sea or ocean, immediate freshness, the image of vast open spaces, nature, travel, discovery.

The name “L’Eau d’Issey” invites us to join an Odyssey, a poetic journey. What does it inspire you?

L’Eau d’Issey communicates the idea of the journey of water, a journey that continues all across the earth and even deep within ourselves. Water is also what allows us to travel the world, experience its wonders and cultures, so it also represents openness, exchange and discovery.

How would you define Ocean Day in your own words?

Oceans are the source of life. Ocean Day is a much-needed moment to remember the importance of our oceans, and our impact on their delicate balance.

How is Ocean day reminiscent of the men’s fragrances?

These perfumes are inspired by the powerful energy of water, so there is a clear correlation between the ocean and these fragrances. Fusion d’Issey dives deep under the ocean, where cold water meets volcanic heat. Fusion d’Issey Extrême expresses the sharp contrast of battling currents: fresh, icy coolness and diffusive heat.

How would you introduce the fragrance Fusion d’Issey?

To me, Fusion d’Issey translates the equilibrium in each man balancing the power of nature’s elements with an original, solar fougère.

What is the difference with Fusion d’Issey Extrême?

The difference is the amplification of the hot-cold contrast. For Fusion d’Issey Extrême, I reinforced the contrast between the elements, added a spicy twist, chilled the aromatic peppermint top notes, textured an opulent coconut warmth in the heart and deepened the sandalwood-patchouli base.


The prolific Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson bears an aura of mystery, with her discretion and humility. Born in Grasse, her sensibility and perseverance is at the heart of her work. She describes herself like an author who disappears behind her words, who enchants and captivates through a poetic fragrance. She is above all concerned by the people who will wear the fragrances, and the way they will be part of their lives. She has been very much inspired by Tokyo and the minimalistic approach she has found here has been reproduced in her creations. She is thus in quest of a refined universe and simpler formulas, to achieve a simple perfection. Nathalie Lorson likes to quote the French author Saint-Exupery concerning her methods: “Perfection is achieved – not when there is nothing else to add but when there is nothing else to take away.”


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